Contents of the Linux Admin 1 Summary

Contents of the Linux Admin 1 Summary

What You’ll Learn

  1. Introduction to Linux and Access the command line locally and via SSH
  2. Linux file system structure and file management
  3. Learning some basics useful commands and get started with Bash
  4. Expressions, pipelines, and redirection
  5. Manage users and groups
  6. Control file access to users and groups
  7. Manage processes, scheduling jobs and services
  8. Install and manage software with yum
  9. Basic Knowledge of Hardware
  10. Manage virtual machines with Oracle Virtual Box or KVM
  11. Manage Physical Storage, Basic concept
  12. Setup and manage logical Volumes
  13. Monitor System Resources
  14. Understanding basic Linux server such as FTP, Apache web server, database
  15. Basic knowledge of networking, DNS, firewall, trouble-shooting skills
  16. Basic shell scripting – Bash or Bourne shell
  17. Reviews, questions, and answers

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