Linux Training – Centos/RedHat – Sign up

Linux Training – Centos/RedHat – Sign up
Linux Admin 1 Training - CentOS/RedHat
Linux Training Class
The latest demanding IT skills (Linux, Cloud Computing, Devops, Automation, scripting)
Hands on learning with lab exercises
Troubleshooting knowledge base
Real work live experience - scenarios
Resume building and interview prepping (after completion of the course - Optional)
What You'll Learn
Introduction to Linux and Access the command line locally and via SSH
Linux file system structure and file management
Learning some basics useful commands and get started with Bash
Expressions, pipelines, and redirection
Manage users and groups
Control file access to users and groups
Manage processes, scheduling jobs and services
Install and manage software with yum
Basic Knowledge of Hardware
Manage virtual machines with Oracle Virtual Box or KVM
Manage Physical Storage, Basic concept
Setup and manage logical Volumes
Monitor System Resources
Understanding basic Linux server such as ftp, apache webserver, database
Basic knowledge of networking, DNS, firewall, troubleshooting skills
Basic shell scripting - Bash or Borne shell
Reviews, questions and answers

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