It is never too late to change your career or increase your professional IT skills in the booming IT industries. Get trained in the latest technologies including hands-on training from an instructor who is currently working in the field with more than 10 years of experiences.

  • Here are some top paying job opportunities for IT skills (i.e Linux):
  • High Demand Linux Jobs
  • Top 15 Job Postings Requiring Linux Skills by Dice.com:
  1. System Administrator
  2. Linux Administrator
  3. Linux Engineer
  4. DevOps Engineer
  5. Cloud Engineer
  6. Software Engineer
  7. Java Developer
  8. Systems Engineer
  9. Systems Analyst
  10. Senior Software Engineer
  11. Network Engineer
  12. Python Developer
  13. Software Developer
  14. Senior Java Developer
  15. C++ Developer
  • Why Linux?

Linux is one of the growing skills in IT

  1. Linux is used almost everywhere
    1. Your Android smartphone
    2. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon, and more use Linux
    3. Most banking transaction
  2. Why Linux is in high demands
    1. Very powerful operating systems
    2. Multitasking and command line interface
  3. Linux Demanding jobs

Linux Admin Training
The expectation from the Training?

  • The contents of the training can be found on this page: Linux Admin 1 – Topics contents
  • Each student is assigned a dedicated unique server (This is only for the live instructor training)
    1. Access to the server from home, anywhere there is internet
    2. Get hands-on training with the Linux commands and tools
    3. Become expert in Linux
  • Online training with a live instructor and access to recorded training sessions (Optional only if someone register for live training)
  • Hands-On learning with Lab exercises
    1. In class lab
    2. Home assignment lab
  • Troubleshooting knowledge base
  • Real-Time Work Case Scenarios
  • Instructor Support for QA
  • Master Linux skills, and have a great chance to get a high paying job
  • Continuous support from the instructor, other students and online forum for discussion
  • Resume Building & Interview Preparation Upon Completion (Optional)


  1. PC or Mac laptop
  2. Internet access
  3. Basic computer knowledge


    1. Linux Admin 1 Training
    2. Proposed Date: N/A
    3. Duration: 14hrs plus
    4. Training Platform: Online training with a recorded session
    5. More than 10hrs of training


  1. Linux Admin 1 – Part 1 and 2
    1. Basic Linux And Admin Skills – Part 1 – 4 Weeks
    2. Master Linux And Admin Skills – Part 2 – 4 Weeks
  2. Linux  Admin 2  (need assessment tests) – Coming soon
    1. Advanced Linux Admin Skills and Tools
    2. Advanced System Monitoring and Performance Tuning


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