Free – 4 weeks training Linux Admin 1 Training Class

Free – 4 weeks training Linux Admin 1 Training Class

This is a limited time offer, free 4 weeks Linux Admin 1 Training Class (which is worth more than $500)
Yes absolutely free.
There are limited seats available so act fast. Sign up: Free 4 weeks training signup

The expectation from the Training?
The contents of the training can be found on this page: Linux Admin 1 – Topics contents
Each student is assigned a dedicated unique server
Access to the server from home, anywhere there is internet
Get hands-on training with the Linux commands and tools
Become expert in Linux
Online training with a live instructor and access to recorded training sessions
Hands-On learning with Lab exercises
In class lab
Home assignment lab
Troubleshooting knowledge base
Real-Time Work Case Scenarios
Instructor Support for QA
Master Linux skills, and have great chance to get the high paying job
WEEK 1 – Intro, FileSystems
1. Intro to Linux and accessing the Linux server remotely and Command Line
Introduction to Linux and its roles in IT
Go over some of the Job opportunities with Linux
Different flavors of Linux
Access to Linux servers and account
Access the Command Line Locally and Remotely SSH
Obtain Administrative Privileges
2. Linux file system structure and file management from the Command Line
Exploring the Linux File System Hierarchy
Using Path Names
Environment variable
Managing Files and Directories

WEEK 2 – Basic commands, command lines tools
3. Basics Commands and get Help in a Textual Environment
Basic shell concepts
Execute simple commands
Basics essential commands like ls, touch, pwd, cd, echo, cp and more
Accessing Linux Documentation
4. Intermediate Command Line Tools
Use Hard and Symbolic Links
Archive and Compress Files
Send Files to a Remote System
Using Vim to Edit Text Files
WEEK 3 – Regular expressions, command output and user account
5. Regular Expressions, Pipelines, and I/O Redirection
Using Regular Expressions to Search for Patterns, uniq, sort, grep, awk, find
Redirecting Output to screen or file
Use Pipelines to Combine Commands
Commands output redirection with || ; and &&
6. Managing User Accounts
Managing Local User and Group Accounts
Managing Passwords and protection

WEEK 4 – Access to files, processes, jobs and software packages
7. Controlling Access to Files
Managing File Ownerships and Permissions
8. Managing Processes and scheduling jobs
Managing Process running
Scheduling and running jobs via crontab
9. Installing and Managing Software
Installing new software via yum, rpm
Managing software packages

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