Question and Answer – Linux Admin 1 Training

Question and Answer – Linux Admin 1 Training

Q: What is this training about?
A: This Class is Linux Admin 1 Training CentOS/RedHat Class, It includes basic Linux level training and master level training.

Q: How long is the training course?
A: The course is split into 2:
Linux Admin1 – Part 1 – Basic Linux and Admin Skills – 4 weeks
Linux Admin 1 – Part 2 – Master Linux and Admin Skills – 4 weeks – (Prerequisite – Part 1 – coming soon)

Q: What are the contents of the training?
A: The contents of the training can be found on this page: Linux Admin 1 – Topics contents

Q: Is this onsite or online training?
A: There is both recorded sessions and live instructor course

There is a class with only recorded sessions and no live instructor (usually free to most student)

There is a class with the live instructor, the student will be interacting with a live instructor and ask questions. If you miss a class you can watch the recorded session. (it is a paid class)

Q: Will I get a certificate upon completion of the course?
A: No for the free recorded class. Yes for live instructor there will be a certificate of completion issue after completing the training, 4 weeks or 8 weeks for the student that register for the live instructor (paid).

Q: What to expect from the training?
A: These are some of the expectations of the class:

  1.  Each student is assigned a dedicated unique Linux server (this is only for a live instructor)
    1. Access to the server from home, anywhere there is internet
    2. Hands-on training with the Linux commands and administration tools
    3. Become expert in Linux
  2. Online training with a live instructor(optional) and access to recorded training sessions
  3. Access to class notes with detail information on each topic
  4. Intensive hands-on learning with Lab exercises
    1. In class lab
    2. Home assignment lab
  5. Troubleshooting knowledge base
  6. Real-Time Work Case Scenarios (only live instructor class)
  7. Instructor Support for QA (Question and Answer) – only live instructor class
  8. Master Linux skills, and have a great chance to get a high paying job
  9. Continuous support from the instructor, other students and online forum for discussion
  10. Resume Building & Interview Preparation Upon Completion (Optional)

Q: Would I be able to use what I learn to get a Linux job?
A: Yes the objective of the course is to teach the student how to master Linux skills and become an expert in Linux. In addition, the training prepares the student for entry-level Linux jobs such as Linux Admin, System Admin. There are other jobs with Linux skills, some of them are mention on LINUX TRAINING HINT’s PAGE

Q: Does this training provide resume and interview preparation
A:  Optional – Only student that take live instructor class and wanted to get a job in Linux. The training does not include resume and interview preparation, However, you can subscribe for resume and interview prep for a fee – 2hrs/week – 2 months this is optional.
What you get with this is:
1. Resume building and updates for Linux jobs
2. Interview preparation for some of the interview questions (technical questions)
3. Non-technical question prep
4. Real work scenario with hands-on prep work
5. Help with job search and post
6. Follow up on resume already submitted with students
7. Tips for the job interview and more

Q: How much does this training cost?
A: Recorded session is usually free to most students, the live instructor class requires one on one and will require cost

Q: What qualification does the instructor have?
A: The instructor has more than 10 years experience in Linux and other related IT fields such as cloud computing, Linux Systems Engineering, DevOps, automation and more

Q: What are some of the tips and advice from instructor to the student who will be taking the training
A: Some of the tips and advice:
1. Make sure you do the labs both class and home labs
2. Practice all the time, labs are the best way to practice
3. Ask the question if you get stuck

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